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By being a publisher, you can monetize your websites and earn money passively. There are many ads option that you can choose to publish ads and start making money!

Just a little effort and you can start being productive with your websites.



Start advertising your products or increase your website traffic by doing digital advertising using our services. Your sales and traffic will go up and increase!


Smartlink Ads

Smartlink provides direct links that allow you to get paid more for each action taken.


Banner Ads

More diverse advertisements with various sizes for you to place them anywhere.


Popunder Ads

Popunder provides a greater reach by being equipped with an anti adblock feature.

Frequently asked questions

Is this service free?

yes of course, our service is 100% free and we will pay you for every traffic that is generated.

What types of websites are allowed?

We accept almost all types of websites be it blogs, streaming websites or others. We do not accept websites that violate our terms or illegal websites that support any form of illegal activity.

How do you register to become a publisher at OkamiAds?

You only need to fill out the registration form, click here to register.

I want to advertise on OkamiAds How do I?

Easy! Drop us an email, tell us more about your offer and goals and we'll get back to you in minutes / hours.

What types of ads are supported?

We currently provide 3 types of advertisements namely smartlink, banner and onclick, we will continue to develop innovations in order to present more relevant ads.

How and when do I get paid?

When we pay our publishers via PayPal and Bitcoin. We offer always-on-time weekly payments for everyone!

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